Cata Pencil


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  • Cata Pencil- Slingshot- Desktop Defense
  • 2 Erasers to cleanly erase any mistakes
  • Standard size lead pencil will fit easily into most pencil sharpeners
  • Target practice for your desktop
  • Ages 3+
  • This Catapult Pencil or "Cat A Pencil" as we lovingly call it, has to be the ultimate in mischievous desktop fun! Use the slingshot to lob missiles into your neighbors' territory. Almost anything can be catapulted---wads of paper(dry or wet), popcorn, you name it! Use your Cat a pencil for Desktop Target Practice! All we ask is that you, please, Play Safe and Enjoy! Cat A Pencil Features: Arrives at Your Service Pre-Sharpened and Ready for Action 2 Erasers to Cleanly Erase Any Mistakes. Standard Size Lead Pencil; Will Fit Easily into Most Pencil Sharpeners. Measures Approx. 8.75 Inches in Length & 2.5 inches at the widest tips.