Welcome to the Community Partners Program!

U.S. Toy invites your school to sign up for the U.S. Toy Community Partners Program! As a local store in Overland Park, we are striving to provide a safe, fun environment for you--our customers--to find supplies for learning at home or school, fun games and activities, or balloons and other decor for those family celebrations!

Register your organization (schools, churches, non-profits, teams, etc) and your community can choose to support it through eligible purchases, providing 10% back in the form of store credit. Each quarter, your organization will receive a gift card with the credit balance to use in-store at U.S. Toy. Think of the possibilities such as learning tools, art supplies, or even party decorations for your next big event!

How it Works

For every eligible purchase made, 10% of that purchase will go back to the organization's credit account. Each quarter, your organization will be mailed a gift card with the credit balance to use in-store at U.S. Toy as you wish (some exclusions apply, see below). Gift cards will be sent to the attention of the named contact registered. 


This offer cannot be combined with any other offer or coupon codes, with the exception of the teacher discount. 

Purchases from the Popcorn & Ice Cream Shop, Pump It Up, Magic and Costume Shop and/or gift cards are excluded from the program and are not eligible to receive 10% credit upon purchase, and cannot be purchased with the gift card amount. 

Terms and Conditions 

Please note that participation in the program is subject to the U.S. Toy Community Partners Participation Terms. The Terms are subject to change, and organizations are encouraged to visit that page periodically to view the most current Terms. By registering and selecting the checkbox below, you agree to these Terms.



Organizations must be an official entity or non-profit, and school must be an accredited public or private school providing academic education for any combination of grades preschool through 12th grade in order to be eligible to participate in (and to continue participation in) the U.S. Toy Community Partners Program. U.S. Toy reserves the right to determine whether a particular entity is an eligible school. 

To get started, please complete the form below. Once your completed form has been processed, our team will contact you with your unique Community Partners Program Code. With that code, your organization will be available for customers to support through eligible purchases. For questions related to the completion of this form, please contact us at


We welcome the promotion of this opportunity for your organization to friends, family, and the local community.  Please click here for more information.


To read our FAQs, please click here.