Kindergarten Basics Super Deluxe Workbook


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  • 96 pages
  • Ages 5-6 yrs.
  • Colorful, friendly illustrations
    • Give your child the perfect boost to their kindergarten studies with this Super Deluxe Workbook. ABC writing worksheets for kindergarten teach letter recognition and handwriting fundamentals. Alphabet exercises teach how to sequence events, solve problems, and develop critical thinking. To improve math skills, Kindergarten Basics covers the essentials, such as tracing and writing numbers 0-10. Students can then advance to learning about number graphs, greater than/less than, and even fractions. Help your kindergartener master the basics and watch them blossom in school. Features include an easy reference answer key, perforated pages great for individual worksheets, concept and skill focus listed at bottom corner of each page, parent guide and recommended activities pages and more.

      Reinforces the following skills: shapes; colors, size differentiation; same or different; analogies; classification; patterns; eye-hand coordination; cause and effect; alphabetical order; rhyming; beginning sounds; numbers 0-10; numerical order; greater than/less than; time; money; fractions; measuring; addition; subtraction.