Kindergarten Scholar Workbook

  • 64 pages
  • Ages 5-6 yrs.
  • Colorful, friendly illustrations

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    • Learning comes in all shapes and sizes. This workbook challenges children with language arts, math science, and social studies problems. Along the way, they’ll learn about fractions, maps and even concepts like food groups and recycling. This workbook covers a lot of subjects, and is focused on building a strong foundation of reading and math skills. Features include an easy reference answer key, perforated pages great for individual worksheets, concept and skill focus listed at bottom corner of each page, parent guide and recommended activities pages and more.

      Reinforces the following skills: shapes; counting; patterns; colors; graphs; telling time; money; measurement; matching colors, comparing sizes; identifying opposites; visual discrimination; drawing; maps; half and whole; rhyming words; alphabet; alphabetical order; beginning sounds; prepositions; recycling; food groups; animal babies; rainbows; address & telephone number.