Light Sticks/6 Pc

  • Light up the night with these colorful glow sticks
  • Bend to activate, cannot be turned off
  • Made of plastic
  • Item 4" L.
  • Package 6 pieces with assorted colors
  • Age 3+
  • Attach this light stick to a necklace or show lace for added safety. Glow products are safe for normal use. Depending on size of product it will glow between 4 and 12 hours. Bend to activate, cannot be turned off. Glow products are great for parties, dances, campouts, firework shows, gifts, costumes, or fundraisers. 6 pieces per set.


    Create a fun night time activity using glow sticks.  Activate the glow sticks and put them in water bottles.  Line up the bottles and throw or roll a GA24 rubber baseball at the bottles for either a knock them down game or a bowling game.

    Clearance-priced items, glow items, light-up merchandise, and candy are not returnable. All sales final.