Lollipop Tree

  • Purchase 3 boxes of our item CA4 Lollipops to go with this tree
  • Made of cardboard
  • Size 17 in. at base 35 in. Tall.
  • Holds 444 Lollipops
  • Ages 3+

Only 21 left

  • Any one can play the lollipop tree game and everyone is a winner! It's easy to play and quick to put together. For the game you will need a lollipop tree, lollipops, a marker and some prizes. Count up the number of prizes you have and then mark the same name of lollipop sticks on the bottom with the marker. Then randomly insert the lollipops in the tree. Each person then pulls a lollipop from the tree. Everyone gets to keep the lollipop that they pull but then if the have chosen a lollipop with a colored stick on the bottom then they win a grand prize. The lollipop tree is made of cardboard and measures 17" Diameter at the base and 35" Tall. This is a must have game for your next Carnival or Birthday party.

    Decorate your lollipop tree for fall festival by painting the bottom 1/3 orange and the middle third yellow.  Suddenly your white lollipop tree has turned into a giant candy corn!