Mazes Super Deluxe Workbook

  • 96 pages
  • Ages 4-6 yrs.
  • Colorful, friendly illustrations

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    • Give your child an amazing, winding path to learning. This Activity Zone book, Super Deluxe Mazes, offers hours of educational fun, supplying 96 exciting mazes for your child to solve. Wide paths, interesting characters, and colorful illustrations make these mazes a perfect fit for your young learner! As children have fun solving these mazes they will also be developing eye-hand coordination, attention to detail, and focus and problem solving abilities. Characters like Hannah Hummingbird and Riley Rabbit help guide the way! Features include an easy reference answer key, perforated pages great for individual worksheets, concept and skill focus listed at bottom corner of each page, parent guide and recommended activities pages and more.

      Reinforces the following skills: problem-solving; decision-making; concentration; patience; focus; eye-hand coordination.