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Skeleton in the Closet Book and Doll Set


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  • 32 page Illustrated Story Book
  • 19″ Moveable Plastic Skeleton
  • The Skeleton in the Closet (book and doll set) is a special Halloween visitor that awakens each year to monitor your Halloween spirit with their own “tricks” and “treats.” Every night, The Skeleton in the Closet™ sneaks out of the closet to trick-or-treat your family and friends so you know that they’re watching! In order to see the surprise that you’ve got, you must find them each morning in a new hiding spot. The Skeleton in the Closet – A Halloween Tradition, rewards good Halloween spirit with all kinds of treats, and when they play tricks it’s all just for fun; they’re just games and they can all be undone. Enjoy this fun family tradition throughout the entire month of October!
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